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    About us

 Croatia Travel and Tours

Croatia Travel and Tours provides authentic and responsible travel experiences for families and groups. Founded in 2015, our goal is to uncover overlooked locations in Croatia.

As a certified travel agency, we prioritize safety and quality, taking active steps to care for the destinations we visit. With a decade of expertise, our team provides expert guides, tailored tours, and premium service to ensure a secure and delightful journey. We tailor our holiday packages to your interests, providing unforgettable journeys that showcase everything Croatia has to offer. Join us on an adventure where authenticity and responsibility meet in Croatia!


Our holidays are more enjoyable because they do good

At Croatia Travel & Tours, we prioritize making a positive impact on the communities and nature of the destinations we visit. We firmly believe that holidays are more enjoyable when they benefit the local communities and preserve the natural beauty of Croatia. Our trips are designed to provide an authentic and meaningful travel experience while supporting the local communities.

Our expert team is dedicated to creating your dream holiday in Croatia. We take care of all the details, from organizing accommodation, transfers, and excursions to customizing a personalized itinerary that meets your specific needs. So you can relax and enjoy your holiday while we handle everything.


Together, we’re making tourism better

At Croatia Travel & Tours, we believe that everyone can make a positive impact on the tourism industry. While we understand that we are not perfect, we strive to lead by example and campaign for positive change. By choosing to support our work and booking our holidays, you are helping to create a more responsible and sustainable tourism industry.

Our holidays are designed to benefit people and the planet. We carefully screen each holiday to ensure that it is socially and environmentally responsible, and we provide evidence of this on every holiday page. You can trust that any trip with us will be a force for good and truly memorable.


We are member of Responsible Travel

A Complete Personal Service

We provide a high level of personal service, built on the foundations of quality, knowledge, expertise, reliability and professionalism.

We endeavour to ensure that your needs and expectations are met, and a dedicated Personal Travel Consultant is available to discuss your holiday at any point.

Find out more about planning your holiday, and the experiences we offer, in our frequently asked questions.

Safe & Secure

Before you travel with us, we will provide you with our 24-hour emergency telephone number, in the unlikely event that anything should happen whilst you are away.

Whilst participating in our holidays, the safety and security of your family is of paramount importance to us. All countries have a certain amount of day-to-day risk, however we endeavour to ensure your holiday is as safe as possible.

Responsible Travel

Making better places for people to live and work in makes better places to visit.

We do our best to contribute to enhancing the locations you visit with your family, ensuring your presence is not detrimental to the environment, and trying to ensure your overall impact is a positive one. We support small, locally-owned hotels and lodges, and local guides, thereby providing employment and generating incomes for their communities.

For of All Ages

Whether you want to take your family to explore cities in Croatia or challenge your teenagers to some exciting water-based activities in Croatia, we have an itinerary to suit your family requirements.

Tour Leaders & Guides

Our tour leaders and guides are outstanding. We choose to work with the finest guides who offer an exceptional level of expertise, knowledge and passion, and always go the extra mile to make your family adventure a holiday to remember.

Carefully Chosen Accommodation

Our accommodation is chosen with one criterion in mind – to enjoy staying there! So we select apartments, hotels, resorts and lodges that combine child-friendly facilities with character and good service, and are within easy reach of the best activities.