Frequently Asked Questions about Croatia Travel and Tours

What services do you provide?

We will provide you a complete package with accommodation, transfers, transport tickets, day trips, city tours and excursions. The true value in our is the peace of mind in knowing that your trip was planned by experts and that while traveling you will be supported by our staff in Croatia who are available to you by email and local cellphone, which we provide you with on arrival.

Is it safe to travel to Croatia?

Generally, Croatia is a safe place for travelers. And a really wonderful place to visit! Croatia its a safe country, stable and NATO, EU member. Statistically, Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world. The stats don’t lie: Croatia is the 19th-safest country in the world! That means that Croatia is statistically safer than the UK. If you still have concerns, you can check for yourself for any travel warnings with the  UK Foreign Office.

Are you insured?

We have professional liability insurance. Please note this does not mean you should not purchase your own travel insurance. If you need travel insurance, we suggest buying a travel insurance policy.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by bank transfer and credit card payments with Visa, Mastercard and Meastro. Card payments are made online through a secure payment gateway.

How long have you been in business?

We have been operating since 2015, assisting clients touring Croatia. The success of the company has allowed us to expand our offers and staff over the years.

Where are you based?

Our offices are located in Trogir – Croatia. We also have local representatives in the some cities you will visit, who are there to assist you along the way.  Our local teams of Croatia Travel & Tours  staff are located in city of Trogir that we cover throughout the all Croatia region.

How do we know you are a legitimate business?

We completely understand clients’ concerns but we are official Croatian Travel Agency. We are a registered entity in the state of Croatia and here its our registration details: ID Code HR-AB-21-060326472- The site is entered in the Court Register – Commercial Court in Split Tt-15 / 772-4, share capital 20.000,00 kn paid in full,  business  owned by Fulmar LTD.

This first-hand knowledge allows us to ensure the quality of our services and pass on our expertise of the region to our clients.We are more than happy to provide references from past clients and usually do this at the start of our communication. Our track record and outstanding customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

What are your fees?

Because we provide complete custom vacation packages tailored to your needs and will present a final price that’s inclusive of all of our services. From pre-trip planning and arrangement to the support of our staff in Croatia during your trip as well as accommodations, transfers, tours and excursions as presented in your final trip proposal. As is usual with all tour operators we do not provide an itemized price breakdown. For example, whether we speak once over the phone or ten times, this will not affect the price.

Are there any extra fees for your service on top of the price you quote?

There are no extra fees for our service on top of the package price we offer. All of our assistance through the process from start to finish is already built into the price we have provided, so there will be no fees on top of this. Should you wish to tip service providers or our local staff (this is optional) we will advise you of the appropriate amounts.

Your services must be expensive?

The most consistent feedback we get from clients regarding our services is that it is an excellent value for money. They also comment on how reasonably priced our trips are for what you get.

Our flexibility allows us to cater to every traveler, from moderate budget to luxury. When you consider the time it would take a plan a complicated trip yourself, the time lost if mistakes are made, the benefit of our hand-picked selection of accommodation and experiences that guarantee your trip will live up to your expectations. Our on-the-ground staff to help out along the way, we believe we provide fantastic value for money. We regularly benchmark ourselves against our competition to ensure our prices are fair.

Do you work only with UK guest?

Although UK clients make up a majority of our clientele for especially for Family active holidays . We also  have had a significant number of guests from other countries including Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, various European countries, South America and India, to name just a few. No matter where you are from we can cater a trip to meet your needs.

Can you send me a printed brochure?

We do not have a printed brochure. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our operations and printed brochures would create a lot of waste. You will find basic information on all our destinations on our website and plenty of sample itineraries to give you some ideas for the kind of trips we put together. .

Can you arrange hotels or just apartments?

In many of our destinations, we also offer carefully selected apartment options, if you’d prefer the added space and privacy of an apartment over a hotel. Apartments may come with additional amenities such as a washing machine, convenient in the middle of a longer trip. Very few apartments come with breakfast included, but we will recommend places close by.

Can we book hotels on our own and arrange only transfers and tours with Croatia Travel & Tours?

We generally book only complete packages, with hotels included. Our expertise with the accommodations in the cities we offer is second-to-none. We have stayed in, visited and fully inspected all of the accommodations we provide, to ensure the highest quality for our guests. We are experts in each location, so if we do not offer a specific hotel there is probably a reason for this. We provide a variety of options in each location to meet every budget and taste. All of the options we provide are at a minimum centrally located, clean, comfortable and safe. They also usually include some unique feature. Most importantly, all are an excellent value so you can be sure you will get what you pay for. We can make an exception in some cases, for example if you plan to visit four cities and have some hotel points to use, it’s no problem if you want to use them in one location. Or if you have a place to stay with family or friends in a city, you could do that in one location. The bulk of our income is derived from commissions from hotels so your package will end up costing you more if you book hotels on your own.

If we book our own flights can you assist with just the land portion?

Our specialty is the land portion of a trip, so we are unable to book flights to and from Europe. If you would like some help or tips, we can give advice for finding flights to and within Europe.

Do you offer escorted tours?

Each of our tours is custom-tailored, for solo travelers, couples, or larger groups. As such we can arrange escorted tours but unless you have a large group to share the cost, having someone travel with you the whole time can become very expensive. We find that a well-planned and detailed itinerary, coupled with the assistance of our highly praised local staff makes for a seamless experience regardless. The expert local guides we can arrange for you along the way will be much more informative than someone with a broad but shallow knowledge of all the destinations. If you are traveling as a large group, we can of course arrange for a tour leader to be with you throughout the trip.

There are 18 of us, do you provide tours for groups?

We often create trips specifically for small to larger groups, from a few couples traveling together to a coachful, based on their needs and interests. We can take care of all the arrangements for you, from airport transfers, to finding suitable accommodation, all in the same place or nearby, to booking day trips and tours.

How far in advance can you plan a vacation?

We sometimes get inquiries for trips as far as 2 years out, and although we can put together a preliminary itinerary for you.Because our offering of hotels and apartments changes, with places changing ownership or being renovated, trip plans and prices are subject to significant changes.  For these reasons we can only provide exact quotes for up to a year ahead. If you are planning further ahead than that, we will get in touch with you as soon as it is possible to make the bookings needed for your trip.